Syria – Hard to believe there’s not going to be more

Photographing in Syria was my dream – two visits only whetted my apetite, allowedme to at least partly appreciate the unbelievable potential that was present in that country. And now, I can’t believe that the madness of war taking place there may make it impossible for me to ever visit this magical country again. And as for now, all I can do is print the photographs using the only technique that I find beautiful, permanent and noble enough for the subject; the gum bichromate. So far there are over thirty gumprints that I have chosen to print. I don’t think I will choose more from among the existing pictures but the project remains open. And will remain open until it is possible to come back and complete it.

Modlitka w Wielkim Meczecie Umajadów w Aleppo. Guma dwuchromianowa circa 18x27cm, limitowany nakład 15 sygnowanych i numerowanych odbitek.