Not just your average pictures

If your are looking for unique photographs different than any of those available on the market, you have found the right place.

All pictures are hand made using manual techniques of artistic photography guaranteeing the highest permanence of prints. Most of my photographs are shot with large and medium format cameras though with some commissions digital negative is also used. Each time the customer receives hand made prints guaranteeing the highest level of archival permanence, made with adherence to strict gallery standards on materials of highest quality.

It is nearly impossible to compare the hand made photographs, unique originals with the popular digital photography or even photographic prints none of which guarantees the same level of permanence and uniqueness.

Hand made quality

My customers are offered handmade, signed images matted to the strictest gallery standards, ideal for presentation as a one of a kind decoration of an office or home as well as for an elegant gift. Prints are made in the quantity ordered on materials of highest quality and longevity.


In the age of mechanically copied pictures overflowing the Internet and walls of Ikea, uniqueness takes on a new importance. In my studio pictures are printed manually in limited editions. In case of commissioned shoots the customer decides on the number of copies each of which is original work of the artist and only exists in a very limited number of copies all of which become his or her property, just like paintingss.It is also worth remembering that the choice of technique itself gives the photographs an exceptional character particular to that technique only.

For those customers seeking extreme uniqueness I also shoot ambrotypes, where each image is an original which exists in only one copy and cannot be duplicated.


The permanence of images depends on the choice of technique, however, in each case it exceeds a century (barring unfortunate accidents and mechanical damage to the prints) which is well proven by the still existing XIXth century prints. In case of pictures taken on negative the very existence of the negative is an extra advantage as it makes it possible to make additional prints many years after the shoot itself.