Film photography needs not be dusty

Film photography seems to be fashionable again; good. I would even say, it is very good that many photographers see the drawbacks of digital photography, feel that they miss the film magic. Only why for so many people film photography appears to be synonymous with low quality scan of a dusty negative, lacking contrast and sharpness. Preferably from a negative that was not exposed or developed properly and suffered from a number of scratches in the process. And if there was a light leak in the holder? Marvelous. I would even go further and suggest that for many people this kind of image appears to be a form of ideal.

I don’t think Weston with his technical perfection or Adams with his zone system and perfect control of exposure, complete understanding of the negative development or print making would stand a chance today. But then. who makes prints in the darkroom these days.

I only hope that after the current fascination with the fact that our images may actually have a physical form and be connected to a physical object such as a photographic film rather than immaterial ones and zeroes we will one more time start valuing quality and strive not only to make pictures on film, not only pictures that are well composed and have a content, also pictures that are technically correct At least correct.