But it costs you nothing

This will be another episode from the looking for a sucker series.

It is a Thursday morning when the phone rings. I pick it up and hear: “This is XYZ (the name doesn’t matter) speaking. I got your number from (here comes the name of a friend we share). She said that you take great pictures. Cool. You see, I am opening a new hairdresser’s and I just thought you could shoot some pictures for it. You know, as a sort of friendly help. Well, you know… it cost’s you nothing, does it? You already have a camera and you take pictures anyway. What? What do you mean haircuts? Am I supposed to cut your hair for free? You must be joking! This is my job! What do you mean I will have a shop anyway? Yes, I will, but one should get paid for work!

I did change the wording a bit but the gist was the same – sounds familiar?