A tribute to painters

Tribute to the masters

Few arts, if any, can be seen as standing alone, disconnected from other arts. Least of all photography which draws in handfuls from the longer tradition of painting or drawing.

This portfolio is intended as a form of tribute to painters, invoking, more or less directly, the works of Masters. And what other technique is more suitable for such a tribute than gumprint; a technique consciously designed to make photographs look more like paintings?

All images are limited edition full colour gumprints on Fabriano Artistico paper printed in series of 15 signed and numbered copies with the longer edge of 39cm.

Currently work very much in progress

Gum bichromate - Radosław Brzozowsk - guma dwuchromianowa akt1 Gum bichromate - Radosław Brzozowsk - guma dwuchromianowa akt2IMG_0004_MG_4493 _MG_4494