Żuk (The Beetle)

Choice has been made – Żuk Diesel Power has been paid for and should be here somewhere mid week. By the way, this thing is funny to drive. The break pedal sticks something like ten centimetres above the gas pedal; you’ve got to lift your leg, not jus foot, to press it. That’s nothing – it is not the worst car I’ve driven. What matters is there is not too much rust in the car and the engine seems to be in good shape. At the back there is a metal box that will make a great darkroom once I cover the small windows. A few modifications can also turn it into a pretty useful large format camera.


Of course, Rome wasn’t built overnight so there will be work to do before Żuk becomes a fully functional darkroom. The interior will have to be furnished, the floor covered with lino to make cleaning easier, a chair will have to be put in and so on, still, there is a good chance it will be ready for action in a couple of weeks. Now time comes to repair the 30z40 camera I intend to use with this car.