Żuk in Lower Silesia – a chronicle

So, we have finally arrived:) It only took 11 hours of constant driving, the noise and rattle still filling my ears but our Żuk has finally got to its destination and is now waiting in a yard in Lower Silesia, ready for action.

IMGP1081miniMakowice near Świdnica – we’ve got shade so we can get busy taking pictures.


The first outdoor wetplate shot in Lower Silesia can be considered to be a success.

A fantastic bridge on the way – a quick break in the journey, chemistry goes back into the tanks and… we’ve got it. The images aren’t perfect yet; after all working away from the regular darkroom is a new challenge, still I am getting to like it more and more.


A lot of the most important historical artefact were taken from Lower Silesia to Warsaw after WWII and stayed there. What was left are places that look like ready made scenery for a war movie. Small wonder the newest film about the Warsaw Uprising was shot here. Of course, I couldn’t miss this frame.

Walim-1Behind me – what looks like Warsaw in 1945


The temperature in shade reaches 37 degrees Celsius. This day collodion stays at home. Instead of the chemistry, we were accompanied by a nagging question; will the car make it or not? When we had to negotiate a mountain pass, the question became; will it overheat or not? Well, it managed; barely. The spots come from a dirty windscreen not the camera sensor:)

kotlina-kłodzkaA day’s break. The car’s sitting in a barn (shaded) and a kid finds his place in front of our lens.


Back on the way. This time to Jedlina


A quick preview on the ground glass


And another wetplate


In the meantime, we are looking for a place for our next workshop.

SokolecWill it do?


Or maybe this one will be better?


And finally, a quick visit to Środa Śląska