Contrary to digital photography which can easily be satisfied with a single camera and computer, traditional photographic methods require proper working space and equipment, suitable for each of the techniques. Thee is no room for cameras and equipment that supposedly work with each and every technique here.

Depending on the requirements of the assignment or project I work with medium format Pentax 645 or Mamiya RB 67 or with large format cameras, though I also use a digital camera as a convenient method of obtaining digital negatives. For studio work I use 13×18 and 18 x 24 cm Globica cameras, for field work; 13×18 and 18×24 cm Mentor cameras, an 18x24cm FKD and a unique, 19th century 30×40 cm camera.

I also have a fully equipped alternative processes lab located at 34 Wierzbowa St. in Gdynia, enabling the use of all traditional photographic processes and a mobile wetplate darkroom making it possible for me to shoot ambrotype on any location I choose.

All my prints are made on the highest quality acid free Fabriano, Canson and Bergger papers using chemicals of highest purity in order to ensure their maximum longevity. All matting materials are of the same quality.