Jewish cemeteries

This is another part of my fascination with gum printing – actually it was not supposed to be a project, more like a moment’s fascination which turned into something much bigger. We will see how many Jewish cemeteries in Poland I will manage to visit and photograph.

Only, I must admit that it is real shame that people responsible for the cemetery in Wrocław, one of the most impressive and best preserved in the country (it belongs to the National Museum) are so unpleasant and so much opposed to photographers and did nearly everything they could to discourage me from taking pictures. Still, those sad places have become a sort of fascination for me and I am sure I will keep visiting and photographing them. So far, I have managed to complete the gumprints showing the cemetery in Wrocław.

A little teaser below:

Kirkut we Wrocławiu; odbitka w technice gumy dwuchromianowej na papierze Canson Montval, limitowana seria 15 numerowanych i sygnowanych odbitek