And finally – my first album

And finally the last year has been summed up. Eleven months after the fantastic session organized with the team from Museum – Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie my first photographic album; “Kashubian Wedding according to I. Gulgowski” has been published. At the same time this is the first Polish album containing only ambrotypes. In the 144 pages of the album you will find not only the vast majority of the images taken during the session but also ‘a history of a certain wedding’, a text I wrote based on the original description by Izydor Gulgowski published a little over a hundred years ago as well as an excellent introduction penned by Krzysztof Jurecki.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the creation of this project, probably the most important one I have done so far. First of all I would like to thank my dear Małgosia Bardoń, who supported me wholeheartedly from the very beginning, from the moment the first idea of the shoot entered my mind. She worked together with me on creating the storyboard and was there during the session itself where she managed the plan and later on when we were scanning the ambrotypes and preparing them for publication. She was also the first and most important reviewer of the texts I prepared for the album and of the album itself.

I would also like to thank Marta Grzybowska who worked hard with me during the whole session providing the necessary support in the darkroom. When I was busy taking the picture, Martha laboriously cleaned the plated, rinsed the images already shot only to later assist in varnishing them. Without her help shooting nearly a hundred plates in three days, under field conditions where there was no running water in the darkroom and each image, once fixed, had to be carried to a separate room where it could be washed, would have been utterly impossible.

I would also like to thank Iwona Klinger, Bartosz Stachowiak and Mateusz Słomiński of the Museum who helped me not only during the preparations for the shoot but also during the session itself not only coordinating the work of other models from the Museum but also taking the most important roles.

I would also like to thank to everyone who agreed to pose for the pictures perfectly impersonating the Kashubian people from over a century ago.

The help of the Museum – Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski Kashubian Enthnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie was also priceless as the manager not only allowed me to use the historical interiors and artefacts but also made it possible for the employees to take part in the session in their working hours. A big thank you to dr Katarzyna Kulikowska.

Last but no least I would also like to thank Mr Jan Sienkowski of the Moloko Studio who assempled the whole album and prepared it for printing and to Mr Krzysztof Jurecki who agreed to prepare an introduction to it as well as to Mr Steven Jones who took care of proofreading all the English texts.

The album is available here: