A nice surprise

I must admit, this is the kind of surprise I would like to get more often. In a short break between working on a book and the Kashubian wedding project,  I sent a few pictures for the Fine Art Photography Awards. Of course, all the images I submitted were historical prints, or to be more precise, scans of such prints. Above all, I was curious how the images made entirely by hand, often with a brush or sponge would fare in competition with high level digital photography perfected in image editing software.

I must immodestly admit that I was more than pleased with the results. Of the five photographs I submitted in the professional category, two were nominated among the fine art nudes and my seaside landscape won the first place among the seascapes. The nominated nudes were platinum and gumprints and the winning image was an oilprint. I would like to thank the jurors for appreciating the images so much unlike what seems to be the mainstream now and for confirming my conviction that I have chosen the correct way.

Orłowo - Odbitka Olejna

The results are available here: https://fineartphotoawards.com/winners-gallery/fapa-2016-2017/professional/seascape